One liners

Use them with python3 -c ''

ascii art

Unicode heartception :

print("\n".join(["".join([chr(9825+4*((min([(i-6)**2+(j-u)**2 for u in[25,35]])<30)|(i>7)&(abs(j-30)<19-i)))for j in range(60)])for i in range(20)]))

Sierpinksi « emoji sierpinski python3 twitter-sized one-liner »

z=range(32);print("\n".join([" ".join(["\x1b[3"+str((x^y)%10)+"m"+chr(0x1f300+(x**y%1140))if(x|y==x+y)else" "for x in z])for y in z]))

4chan stuff.

c=64;print("\n".join([("{:^"+str(c)+"s}").format("".join([chr(0x0fd5)if(x|y==x+y)else" "for x in range(c)]).strip())for y in range(c-1,-1,-2)]))

Gradients :

import math;print("\n".join(["".join([" -·~c»¤¢XM¶"[int(2.5*(2+math.sin(j/4)+math.sin(i/2)))] for j in range(99)])for i in range(30)]))


Get eth0 ip address with the ip command (don't require the ifconfig privileges) :

ip addr show|grep eth0|grep inet|sed -e 's/ *inet *//g' -e 's/\/.*//g'